About The Show


The play is an impassioned journey through the life and times of the stallion, Black Beauty, from his carefree days on a country farm to a more gruelling existence pulling cabs in London and his dark days down the mine. The production includes scenes that are utterly moving, moments of heart-breaking romance, sprinkled with a little humour here and there, all of it performed by the cast who rise to the challenge of giving life to the human AND equine characters.


The job of dramatizing the novel was given to talented and experienced PEEL Heritage writer James Stone. James soon came back with a script that captured the feel of the original novel, but with a modern and dramatic edge. James even created a new scene, not found in the original novel, in which we meet ‘Silvio’, a highly-strung racehorse, as he prepares to race in the Derby at Epsom.

Like all good plays, it contains the perfect balance of drama, romance and comedy, with several moments that could have you reaching for the tissues, others that will leave you at the edge of your seat and then chuckle-away with some of the more humorous scenes.